Our business is located in the municipality of Rocca Imperiale, in the High Ionian area of Cosenza... A territory mainly devoted to agriculture... Where almost 50% of the entire Calabrian olive production is concentrated.

The business dates back to 1958 and our extra virgin olive oil was (and still is) produced according to the old pressing tradition.

The olives picked from the olive groves on the Ionian hills are stored in the family olive oil mill, separated from leaves and twigs, then washed and cold pressed to obtain an oil which retains all the fragrant aroma and flavour of the fruit. The olives, all exclusively from the olive groves of the Ionian hills, are stored in the family oil mill, cleaned of leaves and twigs, washed and cold pressed an oil is obtained which preserves all the fragrant aroma and flavor of the fruit.

During packaging, the oil does not undergo any treatment but is naturally proposed by us; the slight deposit that over time could form on the bottom of the can confirms its integrity and genuineness.


Farmers... Oil millers... Bottlers... 60 years fully dedicated to olive oil. Surely over time many things have changed, but the way we work, looking back to our roots, our local customs, while staying true to our region, is the same as in the past... Peculiarities that, among other things, have already earned us an acknowledgement in 2001, certifying our extra virgin olive oil with the Indication of Regional Origin.